Do you teach your child how to care for their nails?

Nails get destroyed, so it’s imperative to instruct your youngster how to tend to them. These following tips recommended by dermatologists can help your child keep healthy nails.

cut the nail
1. Always trim their nails. Nails that are trimmed are always neat and do not break easily. Dermatologists suggest that a grown-up should trim a kid’s nails until the point when the kid is around 9 or 10 years of age. Kids that old can learn to trim their nails.
How to care for kid’s toenails and fingernails:
When your kids are old enough to take of their nails, you should instruct them with the following:
• Immediately after showering, they should trim their nails. Nails are milder at that point, so trimming is less demanding.
• Utilize nail scissors or nail clippers to trim nails.
• Cut fingernails straight over. Trim the corners to a cycle shape to keep the nails solid.
• Allow the cuticles to stay unbothered. Do not cut them or push them back because they protect the nails.


How Do You Care For Your Nails

I have gotten wonderful responses so lots of great tips on amazing nails especially for women that are 40 and above and I wish to share most of them with you.

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Why should women care for their nails as they age?

I wrote a similar blog some months ago and most women that reacted through comments posted on my social media pages believed they should pay more attention to their nails as they grow older. Donna says “I should keep myself well groomed as I age so I can look my best”. Smith says “I didn’t think I should care about such things when I grow older but I find myself doing so”.

Both said almost the same thing and I agree with them.

Nail care recommendations:

I have some lovely tips from my readers that I’ll like to share with you guys. They all involve caring properly for your nails. For this feat to be actualized, I present you with this 14 step plan to help you care for your nails.

After washing your hands, always use hand cream.

Paste/liquid doesn’t get the job done so use a good cuticle remover.


Are Clean Nails Essential For Wellness?

Have you ever thought how your nails can play a role in determining your overall health? Having some bumps, ripples, tinges or whitish nails might be a strong indication of sickness or illness in the body. Issues in the respiratory system, heart and liver can appear in your nails. Read on to learn more secrets your nails are able to reveal.

sick nails

Nails that are very pale could signs of some health conditions, such as:

  • Malnutrition
  • Liver diseases
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Anaemia

Dark lines below the fingernail should be examined as you noticed them appearing. They could be as a result of the most dangerous skin cancer known as melanoma.

If the skin around the fingernail seems to be red and swollen, this is known as swelling of the nail fold. It may be the result of ligament problem or lupus. Infection can also cause soreness and swelling of the fingernail fold.