Five Exciting Glitter Nail Finishes to Try at Home

Are you bored of the regular nail manicures with monochromatic designs? If so, are you game enough to try something different while sitting in the comforts of your home? The wonderful part is that you can experiment with your nails in whichever way you like without anyone in the world questioning you. Would it not be superb to have the best glitter nail designs and make a solid fashion statement? Come, let us discover some exciting glitter nail color designs to spice up your day and personality.

Glitter nails can be the most exciting designs to have. They can look chic, and the best part is that they suit almost every outfit. Besides, doing it at home saves you time and money. If you feel having a glitter manicure at home is difficult, this article dispels all doubts and shows that you can have the best glitter nails in town.

Here are some exciting glitter nail designs you can be proud of.

Best 5 Glitter Nail Design

French glitter – Set a unique trend

Five Exciting Glitter Nail Finishes to Try at Home

Everyone knows that the French manicure is one of the most exciting manicures. It allows you to express yourself most positively. You can try out various styles like the traditional French manicure, the reverse French manicure, etc. How about a unique glitter French manicure comprising a nude base and a contrasting glitter nail color at the edges? The ideal combination should be nude pink nails with a glittering gold tip. This new design should set trends and make the fashion world sit up and notice. The benefit of having golden glitter edges is that it merges beautifully with your jewelry and complements it perfectly.

Black glitter – Steal the show

Five Exciting Glitter Nail Finishes to Try at Home

Black is always beautiful as it is the purest color after white. The exciting feature of black is that it absorbs all colors and stands out supreme because of its dominance. Hence, black glitter is the perfect choice for women of all ages. Black suits all skin tones from the fair to the tanned. It stands out and makes your nails look unique. So, if you wish to have a badass look, black is the ideal choice. You can try different designs on your nails to up the attraction quotient and stand apart from the crowd.

Rose gold glitter – Give a rich look

Five Exciting Glitter Nail Finishes to Try at Home

Rose Gold glitter appears to be the most straightforward design, but it can weave its magic as people start admiring it. The beauty of the rose gold hue is that it matches your attire and can steal hearts. The best combination is the glossy nude and the white base, with the gold glitter gel standing out and making a lasting impression on everyone. You can try stunning designs like painting one finger with the glitter and the rest with the regular nail colors to give a rich look to your personality.

Lilac dreams – Set the stage on fire

Five Exciting Glitter Nail Finishes to Try at Home

One of the fascinating colors you can have on your nails is the lilac. The violet hue is the perfect color for your summer nails as it packs a mighty punch. You can experiment with different shades of violet to make your nails look more attractive than ever. Though the lilac glitter looks simple, it is a sophisticated shade that makes your nails stand out and set the stage on fire. The most beautiful aspect of lilac is that it suits all skin tones and adds to the attraction quotient.

Unicorn colors – Be different from others

Five Exciting Glitter Nail Finishes to Try at Home

You have to be different from the others if you wish to make a splash in the fashion world. The unicorn glitter finish has the quality to make your nails look unique. You can have gel extensions and add glitter to them to make your nails look seductive. You start by applying the base coat as usual and have a nude pink base before sticking on the gel extension to make your nails look elongated. The transparent gel extensions are perfect because they allow the nude shades to shine through them and add to the glamorous look.

Final Thoughts

Glitter nails can enhance the overall beauty of your nails and make you stand apart from the crowd. We have discussed five simple designs that anyone can try at home. However, you can continue experimenting with your ideas. That is the beauty of having a glitter nail manicure at home. You are free to try out whichever design you like. The best aspect of glitter is that it can help you achieve your dreams of making you the center point of attraction wherever you go.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your glitter nail colors from us and start your experimentation with your nails in right earnest. Then, the sky is the limit as you give your heart and soul to creating the most exciting nail art designs to look different from the others.