Surprising Nail Design Ideas You Can Do Using Nail Dipping Powder

You might have seen nail arts that looks like a donut coated with sugar in Instagram and you might be thinking: a nail art like that can be very difficult and can only be done by experts. Tell you what, it is not! It might look complicated but if you will follow this simple tutorial, you can have Instragram-worthy nail arts that can instantly give you the It-girl look.

Nail Dipping Powder

This nail art design will need the same set of materials that we have used from the first two designs. You don’t need to be artistic to be able to come out with nail art designs, as long as you have your imagination with you, you will never run out of ideas to decorate your nails.

  1. Sugar-Effect Floral Nail Design

If you love watching nail tutorials, you must have come across a dip-powder manicure. It is not surprising because it is the latest trend for nail art nowadays. Unlike regular manicure that chip immediately after you leave the salon, dip powder manicure nails can last up to three weeks longer then regular gel manicures. This simple sugar effect heart nail technique can be done by amateurs.. Just follow the tutorial as it is and you will surely be surprised with the result. It looks very regal minus the hefty tag price.

  1. Snow Globe Nails

This type of nail art design can be a bit off-season given that Christmas season is still far. But if you did the Sugar-Effect Floral Nail Design, the same set of manicure kit can be used to pull yet another awesome look. The LDS D157 Endless Love will give you the winter wonderland effect on your bed nails just add a miniature tree, snowman and snowflakes for a more realistic Christmas look, nonetheless you’ll have your own snow globe on your nails without the need to shake it.

  1. Sparkly Center

If you are the type who enjoys basic white manicure, you can make it more fun by painting one part of your nail with a glittered one. LDS D157 Endless Love will give you metallic look that is not too loud but still amazing. Unlike the metallic nail polishes, nail dipping powder dries instantly and the powders doesn’t have any of those inhalation treat chemicals added to it so it is safe for everyone. You can still be the same minimalist you but you can always add a twist to that without hurting yourself and the environment.

  1. Reverse Gradient Design

Dip you nail in LDS D143 Crème de la Crème for a pale pink manicure then add a touch of glitter by using LDS D50 Ladyfingers and LDS D157 Endless Love at the base. You can apply the glittered effect the same way you did from the sugar-effect, use a fan brush so you don’t overdo it. Don’t forget to use LDS Liquid Sealer Dry to get that smooth glossy finish and your hands will be ready for anything.