How To Prevent a Fungal Nail Infection

Nail fungus is not always noticeable, especially if you color your nails. It is good to know the beginning signs of fungus-thick, brittle nails with a yellow, brown, or a white tinge to the nail. When your nail has fungus, the nail will sometimes crack. Today we will discuss how to prevent that dreaded nail fungus infection.

How To Prevent a Fungal Nail Infection

Candidates for A Fungal Nail Infection

As we get older, fungal infections become more common. As we get older are nails grow slower, blood circulation becomes slower, making the older generation excellent candidates for a fungal nail infection. Men are more likely than women to get fungal nail infections because men walk around barefoot more than women usually. Men will walk around barefoot in locker rooms, swimming pools, public showers, and shower floors more than women. Candidates for fungal nail infections include customers visiting nail salons that are not clean and not licensed.  Your nail salon should only use sterilized single-use tools. Fungus can be transferred on the nail polish brush, so it is advised to bring your own personal bottle of DND gel polish to use.

Proper Manicures and Pedicure Procedures

To Best Toenail Fungus Treatment, it is suggested to keep your nails cut short. Keeping your nails short will help prevent the spread of fungal nail infection. Remember to wash your hands regularly and at least once a day, take your nail brush and scrub underneath your nails. This daily scrubbing will clean out any germs lingering underneath your nails. You should never share your manicure and pedicure tools and always clean your tools after each use. Your cuticles act as a barrier to infection, so you should never cut your cuticles.

Nail Polish

Have you ever considered using cbd oil for nail? You worry that it will spread the disease. Do not worry, now safe nail polish products have been manufactured, added anti-fungal ingredients, helping people with fungus can still have beautiful nails when going out.The products come from the famous nail polish such as: LDS liquids, nugenesis dipping powder or OPI gel. These nail polish products always bring to you the beautiful nails

Clean Your Nails Thoroughly

When taking your shower or bath, do not neglect good nail hygiene.  Scrubbing your nails with a good-quality nail brush will go a long way to ensure healthy nails. Fungus grows underneath the nail so a through nail brushing is essential to keeping your nails fugal free.

Keep Your Nails Dry

Remember a moist, humid environment is the ideal situation for fungus growth. When washing dishes, wear gloves to keep your hands and nails dry. Socks and shoes should have been designed to vent and breathe your feet and nails. Change your socks and shoes often, most especially after exercise. After your shower or bath, thoroughly dry your feet. Follow up drying your feet, with a generous application of anti-fungal foot powder. Give the inside of your shoes a light application of foot powder inside the foot bed of the shoe.

Protect Nail Injuries

When you break a nail, an open airway develops to leave an opening for fungus to grow. Treat your nail injuries with care. Also, tight fitting shoes can cause damage to your toenails by pinching your toes.


Nail fungus infections cause pain, and if left untreated, further infection resulting in permanent damage to the nail. Nail fungus infection medications are expensive and recovery time for a new healthy nail is 4 to 6 months. By using hemp oil for pain relief today, your nails can be fungal-free.