Makeup Tips for Women Dealing with Rosacea

Most people who deal with the skin condition rosacea might also notice other issues like thickened skin and eye irritation. In America, more than 16 million people have dealt with this serious skin problem.

Even though it is difficult to understand what causes rosacea, there have been major improvements in the treatment process for the skin condition. To reduce the appearance of redness, you have to follow a simple makeup routine.

Makeup Tips for Women Dealing with Rosacea

Wear SPF to Protect Skin

Before you start the makeup process, apply a good sunscreen with SPF 15 or more. Even on rainy days, your skin can get burned. Hence, you must wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Alternatively, you can apply a moisturizer that offers sun protection. If your moisturizer contains glycolic acid, the skin will look hydrated even during the winter season.

Use Primer and Bb Cream to Hide Blemishes

Firstly, you should apply a makeup primer to get a perfect skin texture. Make sure the primer gets perfectly blended so that the makeup stays for a long time. Then, you need to apply BB cream to hide the blemishes and scars with ease.

While buying makeup products, you need to ensure they are created to help deal with serious skin conditions. You should look for BB creams for rosacea that are lightweight and nourishes the skin.

Neutralize Skin Redness with CC Cream

Before you use a correct correcting cream, be aware of the color wheel. Since red and green are placed on opposite sides, you can neutralize the redness by increasing the green tone.

Hence, you should look for a green color correcting concealer to hide the facial redness. However, you should get the CC cream based on the skin type. For instance, girls who have sensitive skin should get the best CC cream for sensitive skin.

Apply Concealer for Extra Coverage

After applying CC cream, when you use a concealer, it can magically blend, providing extra coverage. Moreover, your skin will look flawless without any scars, redness, blemishes, or acne spots. While applying the concealer, you have to dab it on the spots that include blemishes or redness. You can use the fingers or makeup blender to get the desired result.

Apply a Foundation That Matches Skin Tone

Applying foundation is an important step to natural-looking skin. A good foundation can hide all skin redness that might be appearing even after the use of concealer. While buying a foundation, you should look for products that feel weightless after application. Use a foundation blender to ensure perfect coverage.

Use Face Powder to Lock the Look

Apply a translucent powder to complete the face makeup process. Most women are not aware that face powder is important to avoid the chances of makeup fading after a few hours. Since you are dealing with a serious skin condition, without the application of face powder, the redness and spots can re-appear. Alternatively, you can use an extender setting spray so that makeup doesn’t fade and lasts for more than 5 hours.

Stick with a Neutral Lipstick

Choosing the wrong shade of lipstick can bring more attention to the blemishes and red face. When you are dealing with rosacea, always avoid applying red lipstick. You can get a natural-looking lipstick shade that can enhance the entire appearance.


We hope now you understand the best ways to apply makeup to hide redness and blemishes. Always apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or more to protect the skin from further skin damage. You should choose a BB cream that is created for women dealing with rosacea. Complete the makeup look by applying lipstick.