Travel Nail Care Tips You Can Utilize

With lockdown restrictions easing globally, people have started traveling again. Along with your travel documents and other necessities, you would like to pack up your makeup, skincare, and hair care products. What about your SNS dip powder nails? These travel nail care tips can help you keep your nails in shape when traveling.

Travel Nail Care Tips

Keep them short

Nails keep growing regularly. Hence, the ideal way to keep them healthy is to keep them short. You should have a pair of clean nail clippers in your handbag, ready for use any time. Have a bottle of nail polish handy to touch up whenever required.

Though many people advise going for acrylic nails when on a travel trip, it is better to have a dip powder manicure. Both acrylic and dip powders last long, but a dip powder manicure keeps your nails healthy. They do not chip off easily when backpacking or indulging in more rugged traveling.

Have a dip powder manicure before you embark

Have a gel or dipping powder manicure before you start your trip. These manicures comfortably last for three to four weeks without needing any touch-up jobs. Besides, they are sturdy and do not chip off easily.

If you go for high-quality products like SNS dip, you do not have to worry about the manicure for the next four weeks. When choosing colors, you can opt for nude shades and French tips. You cannot tell when they start growing out because the polish matches your nail’s natural color.

Metallic colors or glitter are handy

Though many people might not relish glitter, they are the best when you wish to have chip-free nails throughout your entire trip. The best aspect is that glitter and metallic colors do not require frequent touch-ups.

With a range of colors and shades available in glitter and metallic colors, it should not be challenging for you to go for your favorite hues. The silver color is one of the most popular ones. Besides exuding beauty and sensuousness, silver color matches your attire perfectly.

Have your dip powder manicure kit handy in your travel bag

If you plan to travel for more than a month, you will find the need to have a fresh nail manicure in between your trips. It is ideal to carry your dip powder manicure kit with you. When doing so, pack it with a high-quality base and topcoat.

The basecoat prepares your nails for a perfect manicure and strengthens your nails. The topcoat adds luster and gloss to your dip powder manicure. Having these ingredients on hand gives you the confidence that you have replenishments readily available.

Keep your moisturizers ready

It is common for nails to dry out when you are on vacation. It is because you do not stick to your regular diet when traveling. You do not get your quota of nutrients. The first side-effects you generally encounter are dehydration of your nails. Hence, it is better to have your moisturizers readily available.

Your manicure kit bag should contain cuticle oil, moisturizing creams, and lotions. Cuticle oil is one of the best rehydrating agents available. A cuticle gel can also prove handy. The ideal time to moisturize your nails is just before you retire for the night. A gentle massage and cuticle oil application can do wonders to your nails as they rejuvenate during the night.

It is better to choose organic products

When on a trip, you need to be health-conscious. Your family doctor is not available to treat you during your travel. Therefore, exercising care is crucial. You can go for organic nail products instead of chemical formulas as they are eco-friendly and do not cause much harm to your nails or skin.

SNS dipping powder should be an ideal companion for traveling as it does not contain any toxins. Besides, organic products do not require much maintenance, especially when removing nail polish. They are also less expensive than chemical products.

Keep your nail polish remover ready

You never know when your nail polish can chip off during your trips. The lifting of nail polish can be dangerous because it gives a chance for bacterial accumulation. You could contact a nail infection. Hence, it is better to have a quality nail polish remover handy in your bag. You can remove the damaged polish and save the trouble of having to endure a nail infection.

Nail care travel kit

When traveling, your nail care kit should comprise the following.

  • New nail clippers, file, and nail buffer
  • Cuticle oil
  • Cuticle pusher
  • SNS Dipping Powder
  • High-quality basecoat and topcoat application
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton pads
  • Nail moisturizing creams and lotions


The best aspect of having your nail care kit with you when traveling is that you do not have to depend on nail salons at places where you go. You are not sure of the hygiene they maintain. A little caution can help you to take care of your SNS nails when traveling.