Makeup Tips for Women Dealing with Rosacea

Most people who deal with the skin condition rosacea might also notice other issues like thickened skin and eye irritation. In America, more than 16 million people have dealt with this serious skin problem.

Even though it is difficult to understand what causes rosacea, there have been major improvements in the treatment process for the skin condition. To reduce the appearance of redness, you have to follow a simple makeup routine.

Makeup Tips for Women Dealing with Rosacea

Wear SPF to Protect Skin

Before you start the makeup process, apply a good sunscreen with SPF 15 or more. Even on rainy days, your skin can get burned. Hence, you must wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Alternatively, you can apply a moisturizer that offers sun protection. If your moisturizer contains glycolic acid, the skin will look hydrated even during the winter season.

Use Primer and Bb Cream to Hide Blemishes

Firstly, you should apply a makeup primer to get a perfect skin texture. Make sure the primer gets perfectly blended so that the makeup stays for a long time. Then, you need to apply BB cream to hide the blemishes and scars with ease.

While buying makeup products, you need to ensure they are created to help deal with serious skin conditions. You should look for BB creams for rosacea that are lightweight and nourishes the skin. (more…)

Choosing Color of Gel Nail Polish According to Your Skin Tone

Gel nail polish is one of the greatest fashion choices to be on the top of your style game. It adds to your attire as well as personality. There are several types of gel nail polish that you can apply in dozens of styles. However, none of the designs matter if you don’t get the right color.

Choosing Color of Gel Nail Polish According to Your Skin Tone

It’s not that any color is bad. If a color was bad, they wouldn’t manufacture the product in it. You just have to choose the gel color nail polish according to your attire and skin. While you can keep changing the dresses and apply a nail color accordingly, you have only one skin tone that is not going to change.

This is why it’s important that you know what colors suit your skin. After you have shortlisted the best colors, then you can choose the one that goes with your dress. Here you will learn how to choose a gel color nail polish according to your skin tone.

Choose gel nail polish color according to skin tone

Light Skin Tone

You don’t usually have to worry about choosing the right color when you have light skin. However, there are some colors that you should avoid in every case. For starters, you should avoid dark colors. They create a contrast that doesn’t always fit in with light skin. (more…)

Trendy Manicure Ideas with Kiara Sky Dip Colors

Nothing could be as satisfying as wearing a trendy and contemporary nail art manicure. (Presumably, you’re a nail art hobbyist.) Considering the fact that you love trying every nail treatment that will linger on your nails for longer and will be less damaging for your nail beds, you might think to go for trying dip powder nail treatment.

Since there’s no accounting for the taste, the brands like Kiara Sky and OPI have introduced a rich and vibrant palate of dip powder nail hues. However, instead of blindly following the trend, it’s always better to go for in-depth research.

Kiara Sky Dip Colors

Knowing this, we will dig out the history of this nail treatment. And if you think this treatment is the perfect alibi for a long-lasting manicure, good to go for. Through this piece of writing, I’ve laid down some interesting facts about this treatment. You will also come to know some trendy manicure ideas you can create by using Kiara Sky dip colors.

So let’s scroll down:

Dip Powder Nails

Nail dipping is relatively not a newer fashion trend. It has its origin back into the 1980s or 1990s when very few people had tried this nail treatment. But with the emergence of unique and innovative nail treatments, dip powder popped out of nowhere, making it one of the most prevalent treatments of this era.