Why Buy OPI GelColor?

The OPI brand is a top-selling company in the beauty industry with lots of excellent products and years of unrelenting customer satisfaction in their products. OPI has a wide range of products, from gel to nail lacquer and other products. The OPI Gelcolor system has over 100+ unique shades that are not only beautiful but flawless. OPI offers nail polish lovers a nail polish variety that’s long-lasting and non-chipping. The kit OPI gel involves the quick application of the gel polish, and the curing process happens in about 30 seconds. That’s why most professional manicurists and nail technicians make OPI Gelcolor their top choice. Regular nail polish needs air drying, but gel polish has a polymer that must undergo curing using an LED or UV lamp for proper hardening. You can’t use UV lamps on conventional nail polishes.

Suppose you’ve wanted so bad to have a gel nail polish that’ll last long and also dry instantly, buy OPI gelcolor. It is the product that exceeds your expectations at all times. Gone are the days when you had to compulsorily visit a nail technician or go to a salon to hey your gel nails. Now, you can comfortably do your gel nails by yourself from the comfort of your home. Applying OPI gel polish is not tricky. You’ll find below some basic steps to achieving a flawless finish, including necessary materials.

OPI gel nail polish is generally known as Gelcolor soak off gel lacquer. Gel manicure refers to a colored gel coat that looks so much like the regular nail polish. It has a thin brush-on formula designed to offer high performance and give a glossy finish in the end. The kit OPI gel lasts as long as three weeks flawlessly.

Materials needed are OPI base coat, OPI top coat, OPI nail polish, bonding agent if need be, and curing light.

Method of application

First, cleanse your nails thoroughly. If you want to buff nails, ensure there are no dust remnants on your nail bed when you finish.

You can choose to apply OPI bonding agent after cleansing the nails so it’ll have proper and thicker adherence. Also, ensure you wipe your nails well using alcohol to stay dehydrated, and polish will last longer.

Apply OPI gel base coat on your nails.  Cure the base coat using LED light. The process is required to take about 30 seconds.

The next step is to apply any OPI gel polish color you prefer. When it is complete, cure your nails again under LED light for 30 seconds.

Finally, soak your OPI Gelcolor top coat for less than one minute.

OPI Gelcolor causes no damage to your nail beds. It causes them to grow healthy and stronger. Injuries occur when it peels off, or the Gelcolor forcibly removes it with an e-file. You can buy OPI gel nail polish online at retail stores, but most salon professionals use it. The kit OPI gel guarantees you long-lasting and healthier gel nails anytime you choose OPI at your salon. 

FAQs about the kit OPI Gel

How long does gel polish last?

Generally, gel polish lasts for about two weeks. However, with regular polish, the top coat loses its shine after a few days, but gel nail polish doesn’t lose its luster. It often takes one to two hours to dry.

Can I use gel top coats on regular nail polish?

The answer is yes. You can use a gel base coat on regular nail polish and cure. Ensure it dries appropriately before applying another coat. After drying completely, apply a top gel coat, cure again, clean with alcohol, so it doesn’t remain sticky.

Is an LED light essential?

Gel nail polish that doesn’t require LED or UV light in curing is not original. They are often regular nail polishes wrongly sold as gel polish. An original gel nail polish such as OPI uses LED light.

What results can I expect?

OPI nail polish has a smooth texture, is not thick, and is similar to regular nail polish. After use, you expect a glossy and shiny nail finish.

How do I remove OPI nail polish?

The removal process for OPI nail polish requires soaking cotton balls in acetone, then applying them to your nails for about 10 minutes. It may take longer sometimes.

Is it possible to combine OPI Gelcolor with regular nail polish?

It is a common misbelief that one can combine gel nail polishes with regular nail polish. For long-lasting and flawless nail finishing, it is best to use a complete kit OPI gel system.


The OPI gel kit is a beautiful addition to your nail manicure collection. As long as you use the necessary materials and follow the procedures, you’ll find out that the process of applying OPI nail polish is easy. Now you can get the beautiful look you’ve always wanted right from your home. Buy OPI Gelcolor to enjoy great nails.