Choosing Color of Gel Nail Polish According to Your Skin Tone

Gel nail polish is one of the greatest fashion choices to be on the top of your style game. It adds to your attire as well as personality. There are several types of gel nail polish that you can apply in dozens of styles. However, none of the designs matter if you don’t get the right color.

Choosing Color of Gel Nail Polish According to Your Skin Tone

It’s not that any color is bad. If a color was bad, they wouldn’t manufacture the product in it. You just have to choose the gel color nail polish according to your attire and skin. While you can keep changing the dresses and apply a nail color accordingly, you have only one skin tone that is not going to change.

This is why it’s important that you know what colors suit your skin. After you have shortlisted the best colors, then you can choose the one that goes with your dress. Here you will learn how to choose a gel color nail polish according to your skin tone.

Choose gel nail polish color according to skin tone

Light Skin Tone

You don’t usually have to worry about choosing the right color when you have light skin. However, there are some colors that you should avoid in every case. For starters, you should avoid dark colors. They create a contrast that doesn’t always fit in with light skin.

The colors you should prefer are nude and light colors. For example, it’s unlikely that you will go wrong with pink and blue pastels. The goal is to ensure the colors don’t look very different from your own skin. Gel color nail polish is not supposed to stand out from the rest of the outlook.

Fair Skin Tone

Fair skin tone is the best when it comes to colors you can wear with it. Almost every color goes right with it. It looks good with light as well as dark colors. In addition to checking it with the dress, you have to see how the gel nail polish looks when your skin is visible.

Some of the most recommended colors for fair skin tone are bright orange, yellow, and red colors. Any other color with their shades would also look very good on you. This skin is best for bright colors. However, you should try to avoid darker bright colors if you haven’t tested them before. With the right color match and attire, you would be the highlight of the event.

Olive Skin Tone

It’s the most unique type of skin that looks very good. You might really like this tone, but you would know how difficult it can be to find the right colors that suit you. It’s not that any color would look bad on you, but you might not be able to match every color with your look.

If you have found the right dress, you would still have more trouble finding the right gel color nail polish. While many other colors would also look good, it’s unlikely that you would regret wearing gold or peach. Both these colors have a bit of similarity with olive skin tone, which makes them a great choice.

Dark Skin Tone

People with dark skin tones have the most difficulty finding the right color for nail polish. It’s not just limited to nails, many colors look like they don’t belong to you. If you want any color to look really good on you, try darker shades. You should try to avoid light colors. Although they might not look bad, they won’t be as good as dark colors. You can follow this rule for both nail polish as well as clothes.

When it comes to polish nail, many would agree that dark colors can’t be worn everywhere. Try bright colors and shades for gel nail polish. Some of the most recommended colors are shades of blue, pink, purple, and pink. Make sure you get them bright and fresh. You can wear the same nail polish as the color of your clothes.


Each skin tone is unique and special in its own way. No one color has priority over the other and all look beautiful. To look the best version of yourself, you should try wearing colors that go best with your skin tone. These colors don’t just matter on your clothes. You also have to watch what gel color nail polish you wear.

This can be a little tricky than finding the right clothes, but with the instructions shared in this article, you can make this process a lot easier. Always use the best quality product and use the colors that we have recommended in this article. You should also test each of them yourself at least once and try them with your different attires. Likewise, avoid the colors mentioned here that don’t bring out the best in you.