Trendy Manicure Ideas with Kiara Sky Dip Colors

Nothing could be as satisfying as wearing a trendy and contemporary nail art manicure. (Presumably, you’re a nail art hobbyist.) Considering the fact that you love trying every nail treatment that will linger on your nails for longer and will be less damaging for your nail beds, you might think to go for trying dip powder nail treatment.

Since there’s no accounting for the taste, the brands like Kiara Sky and OPI have introduced a rich and vibrant palate of dip powder nail hues. However, instead of blindly following the trend, it’s always better to go for in-depth research.

Kiara Sky Dip Colors

Knowing this, we will dig out the history of this nail treatment. And if you think this treatment is the perfect alibi for a long-lasting manicure, good to go for. Through this piece of writing, I’ve laid down some interesting facts about this treatment. You will also come to know some trendy manicure ideas you can create by using Kiara Sky dip colors.

So let’s scroll down:

Dip Powder Nails

Nail dipping is relatively not a newer fashion trend. It has its origin back into the 1980s or 1990s when very few people had tried this nail treatment. But with the emergence of unique and innovative nail treatments, dip powder popped out of nowhere, making it one of the most prevalent treatments of this era.

Dipping nails, dip powder nail treatment, or SNS nails, all terms are identical. Dip powder is principally a pigmented acrylic powder that you can use on your natural nails or extension nails too. The results on both types of nails are flawless and more durable. Notwithstanding this fact, putting dip powder nails on extension nails may add annoying bulk.

If you avoid going to the salon bi-weekly for doing your nails, dip nail treatment is the winning and time-saving bet. Unlike gel nail treatment, there’s no need of curing nails under UV light. Along with this, contrasting to acrylic nail formulas, dip powder nail colors are odorless.

The icing on the cake is the cost-effectiveness of this treatment. Many dip powder starter kits are almost half the price of the nail treatment you get done from a salon. With this state of affairs, you won’t miss out on the opportunity to get your nails done with dip powder nail colors. Bearing the shine and sensation of gel nails accompanied by the durability of acrylics, nail dipping is the end of your hunt.

Learn the simplest and easiest method for DIY dip nail treatment:

Begin with freshly buffed nails, and use the base coat.
Dip your nails one by one into your favorite Kiara Sky dipping powder color. Please ensure that the nail is coated uniformly.

Tap the extra colored powder or brush it off for smooth coating.

Repeat the dipping technique for two rounds at each nail before you paint your nails.

Seal the transaction with the topcoat after your nails are dried.

Some trendy manicure ideas with Kiara Sky Dip colors

Totally whipped

Totally whipped

Getting whipped could be so enthralling! Absolutely it can be. This exquisite poisonous purple light gives sufficient color to your nails for up to 3 weeks.

Lunar or Later

Lunar or Later

Being a pink-licious girl, you won’t regret going for this nude pink dip powder color. Gear up the horse of your imagination and paint your nails with this dusty pink dip powder to feel as if you’re over the moon.

Time for a selfie

Time for a selfie

Obsessed with selfies? But also want to look iconic in each selfie? Try this out! This dip powder shade with its holographic glitter will add a dazzling effect to your nails.

Mauve A Lil’ Closer

Mauve A Lil’ Closer

Mauve is the perfect shade for romance. Create a classic or a contemporary manicure design for your dinner date and make memories long-lasting.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

A dream shade with the clue of creaminess. A slight bridge between green and blue shade is what you might be looking to wear this season.

The list goes on and on with countless dip nail polish color options by Kiara Sky. From neon to sheer to glitter and cream, there are a lot of choices for doing your favorite nail art design.

Why Kiara sky?

Put on a standard dip powder color on your nails and you will end up finding it heavier on your nails. However, Kiara Sky is a reputable brand that knows to value its customers. Getting stronger, lightweight, and durable nails are a cinch when you use the Kiara sky dip powder kit.

By adding vitamins and calcium, the formula of Kiara sky dip powder is without harsh chemicals, and is safer to use, and is healthier for your nails. Besides, the easy and hassle-free applications are impeccable add-on features that you enjoy while going with Kiara Sky.


Unapologetically, dipping nails are easier to apply and are less damaging for your nail beds. You can start with Kiara Sky dip kit and then move on to try its other dip powder hues. Leave the crowd stunned by creating a unique manicure look with Kiara Sky dip color. When applied rightfully, they can last you for 2-3 weeks while keeping the health of your nails intact.