Are these daily habits of women with amazing nails?

  1. Her hands are always clean.

Before doing anything, it’s imperative to ensure your nails and the skin around them are completely clean. Wipe all traces o polish with an acetone free remover because anything else will dry out our nails

  1. She’s gentle always.

Your nails are sensitive, and handling them roughly could expose you to diseases. Avoid using metal nail instruments under the nail, as a lot of burrowing under the nail plate will make it isolate from the skin, prompting a irregular white angling nail tip.

nails care

  1. She trims consistently.

Customary trims are as vital to your hair as they are to your nails, Dr. Prystowsky says. So make out time to cut them at regular intervals when you see them growing too long.

  1. She fancies a healthy nail over a long one.

Long nails are lovely, yet in the event that you’re somebody who has battled with tangles or breakage, you keep your nails short — at any rate to begin with.

  1. She definitely has an emery board close by.

In case you’re a person whose work or exercise routine causes plenty wear and tear, you should always keep a nail file nearby to smooth any unpleasant edges that occur during your routine.

  1. She never cuts her cuticle.

A cuticle seals the area at the base of the nail and this is a very important purpose. So when you remove or cut it, the seal of protection is broken and this makes you vulnerable to microscopic organisms and the likelihood of contamination.

  1. Her tools are well taken care of.

Purifying your nail instruments after you use them is similarly as essential as routinely cleaning your makeup brushes, and for a similar purpose — to get rid of microorganisms.

  1. She always remembers to apply a base coat with sns nail powder

Caring for your nails at home is no reason to compromise by avoiding the base coat. They don’t just shield the nail from being decoloured by SNS nail powder, they also makes the nail look more opaque and saturated.

  1. She never forgets to read the label.

Not all nail polish brands are made equivalent so ensure you’re using or purchasing a decent item. The same goes for cosmetics and skincare.

  1. She does what needs to be done with a top coat.

This progression is similarly as vital, as the LDS dipping powder seals in the polish’s shading and includes a much needed sparkle complete to your digits.

  1. She enjoys acrylic or gel medicines sparingly.

Any nail professional you converse with will do their best to steer you  from bio seaweed gel or DND polish manicures — as durable and advantageous as they are on account that they’re bad for the nail.