Are Clean Nails Essential For Wellness?

Have you ever thought how your nails can play a role in determining your overall health? Having some bumps, ripples, tinges or whitish nails might be a strong indication of sickness or illness in the body. Issues in the respiratory system, heart and liver can appear in your nails. Read on to learn more secrets your nails are able to reveal.

sick nails

Nails that are very pale could signs of some health conditions, such as:

  • Malnutrition
  • Liver diseases
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Anaemia

Dark lines below the fingernail should be examined as you noticed them appearing. They could be as a result of the most dangerous skin cancer known as melanoma.

If the skin around the fingernail seems to be red and swollen, this is known as swelling of the nail fold. It may be the result of ligament problem or lupus. Infection can also cause soreness and swelling of the fingernail fold.

Cracked or split nails can be associated with thyroid. It could also be a fungal infection is the nails are yellowish and splits or cracks. Inflammatory arthritis or psoriasis symptoms are seen on nails that are pitted or rippled. In addition to this, the skin beneath the nails could be reddish brown and discoloured.

If your body isn’t getting the adequate supply of energy, your nails could have a bluish tint. Emphysema and lung problems also have this symptom. Also, some heart diseases are associated with this symptom.

Constantly biting your nails is quite an old habit, and most times, it’s an indication of persistent anxiety that the right kind of medication should fix. Picking or biting of nails has been associated with compulsive disorder in the past. If you can’t quit, it is best you seek medical advice.

Yellowish nails are also a sign of fungal infection. After a while, the nails begin to crumble and thicken, and sometimes, the infection forces the nail bed to retract. Yellowish nails are also symptoms of psoriasis, diabetes, lung sickness and severe thyroid.

Hepatitis which is a liver problem can show up on your nails and make them appear white with darker rims. In this situation, the fingers could also be jaundiced and that is also a sign of liver problems.

Though many conditions are accompanied by several nail changes, these changes are not always the first symptoms. As many fingernail irregularities are safe, not everyone with white nails has liver disease.

In addition to recognizing the signs of health from nails, to have beautiful nails you can use a number of nail products such as dnd gel polish to help Your nails look healthier and look better.

If you’re worried about the overall look of your nails, visit a dermatologist.