How Do You Care For Your Nails

I have gotten wonderful responses so lots of great tips on amazing nails especially for women that are 40 and above and I wish to share most of them with you.

take care of nails

Why should women care for their nails as they age?

I wrote a similar blog some months ago and most women that reacted through comments posted on my social media pages believed they should pay more attention to their nails as they grow older. Donna says “I should keep myself well groomed as I age so I can look my best”. Smith says “I didn’t think I should care about such things when I grow older but I find myself doing so”.

Both said almost the same thing and I agree with them.

Nail care recommendations:

I have some lovely tips from my readers that I’ll like to share with you guys. They all involve caring properly for your nails. For this feat to be actualized, I present you with this 14 step plan to help you care for your nails.

After washing your hands, always use hand cream.

Paste/liquid doesn’t get the job done so use a good cuticle remover.

Before doing this, gently pull the cuticles back using a plastic or wooden kind. Avoid metal.

Use a 3-sided buffer to buff them.

Apply lots of cuticle cream.

Do not cut your nails with clippers or scissors. You can use a glass file to file your nails. My nails condition improved a lot when I stopped doing this.

Ensure you always use a good base coat beneath the nail polish. Always do this.

Do not let the polish seep into the cuticles or touch them while painting the nails. Your nails breathe too so allow a tiny gap between your cuticle and the polish and this gives it a neater look.

Take lots of practice, hold down your breath and make sure your place your nails on a flat surface while getting them done.

Use dough friendly and safe for nails such as: sns dipping powder, bio seaweed gel, dnd nail polish

To remove excess polish while painting, always use a cotton bud that you have dipped in nail polish. You can also use a flat, round, small and still artist’s brush to tidy the edges beautifully.

For your nails not to chip, rub in a clear top coat every day.

Do not wear your polish for over 5 days before taking them off. Take them off and allow the nails overnight before redoing the painting.

If you don’t paint  or wear coloured nails, try applying a best nail strengthening polish or base coat to stop them from splitting and protect them from bashes. Apply hand cuticle cream as soon as you remove the polish and have buffed them.

What time of the day is best to care for your nails?

Most people do their nails before they go to bed, others get theirs done in the morning. Just know when it is suitable for you to spend a few minutes caring for tour nails every day. There are a lot of lovely nail polish brands in the market so browse through each label before making your choice.

Well, as for me, I will try these above routines to care for my nails. How about you?