Why stress your hair and skin care when you can DIY?


Problem: A volcano just erupted on your nose in the form of a pimple and you have a big dance in a few hours.

Solution: Don’t pick the pimple or make it pop; doing this will only make it more glaring. Use a gentle cleanser to wash it and apply some salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Use a mild layer of oil-free cover-up, which won’t obstruct your pores and cause more pimple breakouts.

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Problem: You got yourself burnt will trying to get a tan. Your skin is now glowing red and peeling.

Solution: A moisturizer containing natural aloe-vera may help soothe the agony sensation and make your cracking skin a bit unnoticeable. Peeling usually continues for a while, as your entire body eliminates the broken layer. To prevent skin burning and enhance your skin’s health, use a broad spectrum sunscreen when you leave the house and don’t forget to re-apply it after staying a few hours under the sun.



Problem: Your arms look like they belong to King Kong!

Solution: Investigate and find out if your family members were hairy. Teenagers can idolize certain bodily features that most individuals might consider absurd. If you still want to complete the task, try a depilatory, which gets rid of hair using some chemicals. Seek medical advice as to which brand is best for you. Use a moisturiser subsequently to avoid discomfort or Kiara Sky nails. Shaving the hairs would only make them, grow stubbly so that isn’t recommended.


Problem: The moisture increases, and you look like your hands got trapped in an electrical outlet.

Solution: You can use conditioners and moisturizing shampoo to tame the fuzziness of your hair in this situation. Use frizz serum or cream on the wet hair before you proceed to style it. Boar head brushes that have natural oils will work perfectly for the hair. For an extra level of shine and smoothness, apply a few drops of hair supplements into your scalp once every seven days.



Problem: Your long-time crush was leaning towards you to steal a kiss but is stopped in his tracks by your chapped lips.

Solution: Avoid licking your lips. It will only bring moisture for a minute and then, your lips will dry out even more. Drink plenty water daily to keep your entire body moisturized. Lip balm that contains moisture-rich and sunscreen ingredients like petroleum, lanolin and beeswax should be applied to your most kissable asset. Sharing of lip balm can lead to spread of cold sore viruses so do not share.



Problem: Your once glowing and healthy skin is now itchy, scaly and rough

Solution: Keep the heat on the low! Having your bath with hot water can rid your skin if its essential oils that are there to keep it moisturized. Don’t spend too much time taking your bath. Avoid scrubbing and use a fragrance-free and gentle cleanser for your body. Apply a cream moisturizer or ointment that contains lactic acid or urea to help the skin stay moist and increase its ability to hold water.