The Safe, Healing power of the ROM Machine

I can relate to this testimonial I read from a fellow ROM owner. His name is Tom Caputo and he has been a ROM owner since 2003. I wanted to share this with you because it touches on things that all of us seem to go through as we age. His story speaks to situations many of us can relate to; the effects of aging and the increased risk of injury/ longer time for healing as we get older. Tom’s story struck a nerve with me because last week I heard an owner of a Cross-Fit center (somewhere in Florida) say in a news interview that there is “absolutely no exercise that you can do that is completely safe.” He was trying to defend Cross-Fit training and the (seemingly) higher rates of injury among it’s participants. I wondered…. Has this guy ever heard of the ROM Machine? I don’t know how you could injure yourself on the ROM…. assuming you operate it according to the inventors instructions. Melissa and I have used this exercise equipment for over three months now and neither of us has ever felt like there was a potential to be injured while using it. It is very easy and completely safe to operate. Using the ROM Machine does not have hard “impact” effects on the body (like running, jumping, lifting). As the following testimonial alludes to, exercise should heal….. not injure.

Tom’s Testimonial:

[…] It wasn’t until I reached my forty fourth birthday that the concept of aging had slapped me in the face. […] Even though my body was dropping subtle hints all along the way, it wasn’t until a freak surfing accident that reality set in. That day, I tore my left rotator cuff, something I never even knew I had. The prognosis was this; a 50% mobility loss in the damaged arm/shoulder combined with painful sleep deprivation. The orthopedic suggested immediate surgery to alleviate the pain. Being the type of person that doesn’t take well to the idea of surgery, my question was simple; Could I attempt recovery solely through physical therapy and then, should that fail, have the surgery without risking the success of the surgical outcome because of the time that had lapsed. The doctor was brutally honest. He said I could postpone the surgery without any anatomical risks but physical therapy would be a painful ordeal that he wouldn’t recommend or put himself through.

Fast forward through two years of religious gym visits focusing on the rotator cuff injury. My arm/shoulder was restored to 90% mobility; the remaining 10% gets awarded to some dull pain, minor sleep position issues and joint creaking/clicking. […] So back to the orthopedic I went and guess what he recommended, right, surgery. […] Frankly, I was angry! Forty four was not the point in my life I imagined beginning minor surgeries or a regiment of pills. Furthermore, I received mixed reviews on arthroscopic surgery from some close friends who had the procedure and were not fully satisfied.

Enter the infamous ROM ad. […] Well, long story short, I got the gold and my happy ending. Three years of ROMing later, my status = NSR (no surgery required). I get to workout with my thirteen year old son, kicking a heavy bag with both legs AND my arm/shoulder mobility is back 100%. Sure, I can give you all the infomercial rhetoric; all my friends can’t believe how good I look, I’m back to the weight I was in college, I look very different in the same clothes, but that’s all petty compared to being surgery free, prescription free and anatomically fully functional, approaching my fiftieth birthday (October 2007).

I like happy endings, don’t you?

To Good Health