The Importance of a Well Balanced Workout

There are a lot of different exercises and workouts that can achieve various results, from a great cardio workout that gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing… to an intense weight training workout that produces some serious bulk, and then everything in between.

The results desired through physical workouts vary from one person to the next regardless of gender.
However, to obtain true health and fitness that will afford you a long and healthy life, we all… no matter our age or gender, need to have a balanced exercise/workout routine.

Weight training by itself is not going to provide the vital cardio/aerobic needs of our vascular system just like a good cardio/aerobic workout is not going to produce any of the muscle building/toning benefits, like stronger bones and a metabolism boost.

A consistent daily workout routine (balanced with cardio/muscle building) cannot only boost your metabolism (increasing your energy), strengthen your bones, and promote a healthy vascular system.
It can also be used as a tool to combat certain diseases and health issues, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and the list goes on…

This is why we love our ROM Machine workouts…
We can get a full strength training (muscle building), cardio/aerobic workout, and stretching in just 4 minutes per day. Marco and I both have seen great improvement in our muscle tone, flexibility, endurance, strength and overall health.


You’ve only got one life to live… make it a long and healthy one!

Marco and Melissa