Hunker Down

Any time the radio announcer says “hunker down” in our part of the country, it usually means we’re going to experience a severe tropical storm or small hurricane. Not so yesterday. A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for most of the South. We last had one of those around here in 2008. Supposed to be severe weather for the next day or so. Roads/ bridges are supposed to ice over and some areas are supposed to see significant snowfall amounts.

Traveling will be difficult. Our state has more bridges than any other, and you know the saying on the road sign: “Bridge Freezes Before Road.” Thus, a lot of people have to stay put during times like these, including us. We have to cross over bridges to get just about anywhere. Thankfully, we don’t have to miss our workouts (nice having a ROM Machine in the house). The problem isn’t that we can’t handle the cold down here. It’s that we don’t see it very often. Makes little sense to invest in de-icing equipment when it’s hardly ever used. So for the next couple of days we’ll be staying close to home. Then it’s back up into the 70’s for the weekend. Isn’t it this kind of “back-and-forth” in the weather that makes people sick?

We’ve been fortunate…. Melissa and I have been healthy thus far. Maybe it’s the regular exercising we’ve been doing. No doubt that’s a least part of it. One other thing we’ve been doing is to drink a mixture of Vitamin C powder (1000 mg- Emergen-C brand), Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar- with the “Mother” ( 2tsp), and a little water. We try to drink this mixture at least two times per day. I highly recommend it.

Why raw Apple Cider Vinegar? There are several benefits (from Braggs website):
– Rich in enzymes and potassium
– Supports a healthy immune system
– Helps control weight
– Promotes digestion and ph balance
– Helps sooth dry throats
– Helps remove body sludge toxins

– Helps maintain healthy skin
– Soothes irritated skin
– Relieves muscle pain from exercise
– Helps promote youthful, healthy bodies

I was impressed by the testimonials on the website. I think it’s pretty clear that natural/ whole foods are key to healthy living. That, and exercise.

I’m a results-oriented person. I’ve been pretty pleased with the results of our lifestyle changes so far. I hate being sick or having anything that might slow me down. According to the local news, the flu has been pretty bad in our part of the world this year. And I’ve seen a lot of different people suffering from illness the last three months. It feels good to not be one of them.

To Good Health,